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Song About Peaches And Mars

Flowers in Syrup

Black Ocean

Flowers in Syrup

Standing Still

Flowers in Syrup

Codes In The Clouds

Flowers in Syrup

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TRACK #1 “Songs About Peaches And Mars” = Exhilarating opening track, it powerfully ignites out of the music gate with an alternative rock 80’s riff rocketing chords warmth and the energetic music number ‘sails and wails’ consistently throughout with brilliantly gliding anthem valued vocal chants, truly radiating guitar sparkle, really lively and skillful stick man throw downs, along side with as equally explosive rhythm fronts from the notably expressive low-end boom.
The overall intensity of the entire song ‘most definitely’ haves you ‘rocking out’ thankfully to it. They sincerely define here in wanting to establish a music jumping kick start, and man I couldn’t wait for the rest of the EP, propelling opener!

TRACK #2 “Ghost” = High-flying aerial music skies that go on to paint an uplifting groove throughout. It hypnotizes out straightaway with a vivid and swarming sonar swell feel which is provided both by guitar and bass executions with usages of ace peddle board effects, remarkably chilling presence. It then is adjoined by a simplistic, but gripping beat that engages a bass drum kick peddle along with a smooth sounding clapping action, impressive. The sensational vocal sways then gorgeously take flight with then a soon after grooving drum action that is excepted joyously by my ear rocking modules and is actively dazzling throughout here. Then, towards the middle of the song there is a slow-down post-rock strut which is outstanding in music stature and really shows its tallness when it goes back to the track’s effectively reliable music heart tempo and goes on to put out a radiating all jamming action. It then again falls into a lovely downtime that closes with the drummer clapping rhythm with a scintillating involvement of a glowing xylophone ringing, just “Wow”!
The over all musicianship efforts here are nothing short then exceptional. The vocals are incredibly captivating, rhythm sparks are electrifying with ‘stomping and romping’ drum superiority, he was an absolute ‘dominating beat beast’ in here and the bass man inserts a low-end wicked pep throughout. Oh yeah and those effects by the riff man are emotionally exciting.
The whole tune displays a music glitter from a grooving and joyful strut, just a alternative pop rock perfection. In fact, it not only is my favourite track off their stunning EP, but I have it ‘easily’ placed in my top five ‘radio friendly’ alternative rock songs of the year so far for 2017 now, such a ‘feel good’ music track.

TRACK #3 “Black Ocean” = Ok, this is the almost balladry driven track out of the bunch. It charms out with a with a short inclusion of floating friendly vocal warmth, almost tribal thumping drum and percussion lifts and comforting bass class grooving. Also, their effect usages again on their riff and low-end axes are simply to be applauded here.
I guess the masses would categorize this track as a post-rock/instrumental effort, for me, it took me on an enchanting and rocking journey, ‘towering’ track, for sure!

TRACK #4 “Standing Still” = Is the most atmospherically invigorating song on the EP for me. It is an exciting ear rock canvass of a beautiful curiosity and a behemoth rock music symphony spirit. It is another mind-blowing track that just again represent the overall musicianship talents adjoining/singularly from these massive German rockers.
The music efforts feature glorious and eerie bass triumphs defined by a standing electronic bow (called an Ebow) that just musically moves you on truly every note, haunting and prolific vocal flights that are nothing short of spellbinding, charging fierce champion drum actions once again along with beaming riff and bass booming quality.

TRACK #5 “Codes In The Clouds” = It certainly like the beginning of the EP has you wanting more after hearing it. For me, it is the most diverse sounding track on it and it magnificently shows ‘at the end of the day’ that you really can’t put your ear rock finger on a true genre for them. They magnificently here bring across a post-punk era ethereal along with grunge and rooted rock n’ roll glamour. I could easily see fan supporters from “The Cure” to “Nirvana” ranks genuinely loving this one!
Like them all before it on the EP the closing music efforts only champion out another trio performance of marvelous music movement. The effects used again for riff and bass actions are swarming successfully. The masterful crisp and short in length vocals make a rousing appearance with a similarity likeness from Robert Smith to Kurt Cobain to Ozzy, trust me, it phenomenally works stupendously here. Lastly, but certainly as the saying goes ‘not the least’, drummer extraordinaire is just launching out beaming rhythm flights.
These rockers were ferociously jamming tight and not sure if i have truly heard a ‘now’ 2017 alternative rock band cut loose on a song better than this one, ‘walloping’ track!

Flowers in Syrup Coverartwork SkyDivers

Release: GCN0002

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