Getting Closer

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Ten Feet High

Flowers in Syrup


Flowers in Syrup

Getting Closer

Flowers in Syrup

Gravity Attraction

Flowers in Syrup

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“Ten Feet High“

= A great rhythm section, comprising of a very tight percussion sound and wonderful driving bass. The guitar work is whistful and demonstrates with a magic touch. Plenty of space in this composition, adding to the saying – “All musicians should take heed of, less is more.” There leaving silence in a tune makes those swells and hard hits more dramatic. The vocals are soulful and heart felt. All in all a great work of musicianship comradery and togetherness, for sure.


= The ‘steady as he goes’ stick man sets the music scence to this story right from the start with plenty of tempo and zip. The riff master comes next in a flurry of anticipation then, followed hot on it’s heels by that wonderful booming bass maestro stamp. The song then settles down with the use of space being also present here fantastically. Then that soulful voice comes in which is exquisitely ‘gleaming and beaming’. The chorus hits you full on and “Wowee”, what a great hook. It has you singing along even after hearing it only once, phenomenal overall music presence.

“Getting Closer“

= An exceptionally jangling guitar riff sky painted alongside a subtle use of the hi hat that leads you forth into this song. The bass then comes in to drive the song ahead steady with then, incoming the drums spectacularly and the pace changes up a gear. This song has a real intensity, yet still manages to keep that texture and spirit of the previous two songs mentioned, stunning vocals and an anthemic chorus, musical dynamo presented here.


= The introduction are the riff valleys playing a dreamy arpeggio style platform. The bass and drums then kick in to set the pace and energetic landing. After a short ace music section, the guitar settles down with a melodic gorgeousness , well chosen expressions are played and the vocals lusciously and vibrantly groove in. The way this band uses space is genius. Again, this song has it all, ‘captivating and gravitating’ with energy and music texture might. These guys really know how to take their listeners on a musical joyride and what a rock voltage they provide, top tune!

“Gravity Attraction“

= Another splendid guitar intro with this time exhibiting a clean, more folky rock vibe . The vocals then come in with a soulful session extraordinaire alongside a drumming masterpiece showing that uses cymbal crashes to introduce the next chapter in this song. On that note,  then comes that wonderful bass that is ‘beaming and gleaming’ terrifically through. The song then picks up pace . This is very much a balero in construction. It grows in stature as it progresses, seamlessly taking the listener through a wonderfully sculpted musical soundscape. It grows in urgency and reaches a soulful climax , then ends so sharply, leaving the listener feeling they have experienced a great voyage. They leave them feeling as if they are freefalling back to earth, such quite a mastery is seldom found in modern music, enormous music volume.

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