SkyDivers CD in stores the 4th of August

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Flowers in Syrup Coverartwork SkyDivers

On the second EP „SkyDivers“ Flowers in Syrup give five stirring songs for their best. Musical genre boundaries are exceeded, rock history is processed and an alternative listening experience of a Postrock, Britpop and Krautrock mongrel is created. The temporal lobes are in search for relations to the 80s, the nerves signal bonds from Radiohead, Dredg to Placebo but keep the passion and uniqueness of the Flowers´ sound evident. With mature musicality, the guitar, bass and drums fulfill their tasks, leaving behind amenable melodic arcs on a bassy-substrate. Expressive vocals around the ups and bowels of the Sein are irresistibly imprinted and intoxicated.

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